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  • Main Business

    1.To obtain high and new technology enterprise certificate in 2012 two years in advance.

    2.Through the three system certification Iin the early stage of production.

    The first time to start product certification, successively obtains PSTUV, the United States UL, North America CSA, the United Kingdom MCS, German VDE, Australia CEC Ranking, join the European solar energy component recycling organization CYCLE PV, and enter the first batch of 60 enterprises list about through the CQC fire protection component test.

    According to regional differences,also through the sand and dust test, PID test, salt spray test, etc., laid the foundation for the component to the global market.

    TUV Certification

    Canada CSA Certification

    America MCS Certification

    Australia CEC Ranking 

    CQC Golden Sun Certification

    PID Certification

    the Sand and Dust Test

    All the products obtained high and new product certification in jiangsu province